Monday, February 18, 2019

Still Raining,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I got to ride all weekend, I just had to drive an hour each way to do it. I could have done Uhwarrie but it's still an hour anyway. Plus it would have been really muddy. Cheraw is perfect for a rainy day. The sand is at is's best when soaked. Saturday I even got rained on. The weather was right though! It was about 63 when I started but like 53 when I finished.

Had the privilege of meeting officer Webster with the South Carolina highway patrol on the way home. I was cruising along paying no attention when I saw the front end of thee approaching car take a dive. That's when I realized I was meeting a state trooper. He did the flip and I was already sitting on the side of the road waiting.

He asked the last time I had a ticket and I told him. It's been 18 years. He checked and then wrote me a warning ticket! Made me really happy, Sunday when I went back down I had the cruise set both directions. No need to test my luck, I'll take a break once and awhile, but you don't get that lucky too often.

Sunday was just cold, low 40's but still righteous. So now we sit and watch it rain again.

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