Monday, September 12, 2016

Things Workout,,,,

So I went to the mountains Friday and spent the weekend. Two friends of mine where doing a 70 mile gravel ride that I drug my feet on entering. I had plans and then they fell apart, by the time I tried to enter it was sold out. I tried Saturday morning to get in but the permit was full. When they have a race in the national forest they can only have so many entries. You snooze you lose!

Since I couldn't race I loaded up and headed to DuPont State Forest. I get there and gather all my stuff up and head to the woods. I am starting to know my way around but with a 100 miles of trails I still have a long way to go. I take off and do my own navigation until I finally come to a point I need to consult the map.

Guess what! I forgot the map! So now I have no ideal where to go and I sure don't want to ride the same trails all day. So me being me I decide the heck with it and just start riding. At first I start taking all rights and then I start doing lefts. Of course I am lost and don't really care. I knew sooner or later I would find someone with a map.

Sure enough I did. I guy from right here in the Charlotte area. We seemed to hit it off pretty good and I spent the next 2 hours riding with him. He finally had enough and we parted ways. From there I had a small ideal where I was and where I was going. Before long I meet up with another couple who seemed to move along at the same pace I did and we rode for another 3 hours.

He is the president of the South Carolina S.O.R.B.A. chapter. Southern Off Road Bicycle Association. He and the wife both where really strong riders and we had great time. He even took me on a few trails that haven't even been added to the trail maps yet. They are brand new!

At the end of the day I had 7 hours of riding and 3 new friends. I got to see new trails and I had enough climbing to get me over Mt. Everest! I was beat! We finished the evening off with a low country boil for dinned and it was a good day.

Sunday came and after loading up I headed over to Bent Creek and spent 3 hours before I headed home. I got home at 4 and the weekend was done. They don't get much better than that..

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