Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Chin-up!" ..............

The last 2 days have been about as slow as it gets. We sit here all day and stare at each other, occasionally we get the home owner through the door who just happens to have a few days off here at the end of the year, but overall it's slow.

Don't get me wrong, thanks for coming by, when the economy was slow the walk-ins were a big help to our bottom line. BUT it's really hard to spend an hour with someone who has no ideal what they want "to do". For a single door sale or one room worth of crown moulding. We are not a design center.

Point is it makes these last few days every year drag by. With that thought, I sat at a stop light this morning and was really dreading the day when I looked up and the car tag in front of me said; "Chin-up".

Not sure why, but it seemed to be exactly what I needed. I started smiling and that right there changed my whole day....

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