Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Still Raining,,,,,,,,,,,

And has been, and will be.. All weekend long, it's never gonna stop! I did get the yard mowed and camper covered and gutters cleaned last night. That would be my version of "preparing", according to the all "wise & knowing" weathermen we could get 8inches of rain.

If we get that much I might as well sell my mountain bike. The trails will never dry out. I still haven't ridden my road bike since I got back from Pennsylvania and really don't want too. Right now I am still stuck on the mountain bike. The funny thing is I spent all winter last year riding the road bike and wishing it was warmer.

Then it got warm and I haven't ridden it all summer. That was kinda dumb! Maybe I need a boat, or a stand up paddle board..

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