Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why I Say !!!!!!!!

I managed to tear down the pool last week and I did it with care. Care for me, not the pool. You see when I get out of my normal routine I always know my back is behind me! As in, "doing something totally different from what I usually do" I tend to make my back hurt.

All day Saturday we worked on the new one and then Sunday we just had to let it fill. We even got in and played around in the 2ft deep water Sunday afternoon. Finally Sunday evening came and I knew I needed to do the last thing. Hook up all the hoses, no big deal. I climbed under the deck and did just that.

Sure enough that's when I did it. My back has been killing me! Today is the best it's felt yet but Sunday night I had a hard time even sleeping. Yes the pool is done and the pump works great and all that, but I sure wish my back felt better.

I even slipped in a nice 40 mile ride Sunday morning. But I haven't even touched the bike since. I hope to get out today but that will be a decision made at 5pm. By the way I am still riding without any electronics and I like it! I am a little slower but who cares! I ride at the pace I want to and I feel fine. I don't even keep up with the miles.

I am using the Strava app on my phone, which is in my pocket the whole time I ride. I get home and then I checkout my miles and average speed. Here lately I end up with 25-35 miles and an average speed of about 15.9. When I had a computer mounted to the bars I rode the same miles and pushed myself to an average speed of around 17.5 to 18 miles an hour..

                   Big deal! I like going at the speed I want and not worrying about it...

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