Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In All Directions............

All except the bike! OK, I rode Saturday and actually turned on Strava and recorded it. Plus I had plans for Sunday, then it came and plans changed. I ended up going to the golf course later in the day but not until the day was about over.

I recorded the ride Saturday and planned to keep the info private, I wanted to see how much climbing I could find in Monroe. I guess it's been so long since I used it I don't know what I am doing. A few hours later I started getting "kudos" on my ride from a few of my friends. "Kudos", just mean they saw it posted on the website. How I did that I don't know..

At least I had enough miles I wasn't totally embarrassed by it. Now it's Wednesday and I brought my bike. I have to get in a quick ride today, I have a lot of stuff I need to do and the bike is falling to the tail end.

The rain has held off so long it had been 2 weeks since the last time I mowed and I still need to mow the driveway. But the biggest thing taking my time right now is the new pool. Yep, we are replacing the pool the weekend and I have to take down the old pool to make room for the new one. Fourteen years we got out of the first one and I planned to just leave it this year.

It wouldn't hold water anymore and the walls were rusted out. I planned to just replace it later this year after we got Cody home from school and fall was here. Sounded like a good ideal until the pool turned green and basically made the whole back deck unusable! I have a deck built about 3/4's of the way around the pool so taking down the pool was not really an option!

Then it got hot and I wanted to swim! The new pool came in yesterday and the old one has to be down by Saturday so we can put up the new one.. By next weekend I will be swimming again!!!!!!

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