Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Not Again !!!!!!!!!!!

Two years ago, almost to the day! I broke the frame on my Cannondale. Guess what? It's broke again! Two years ago when I picked up my bike with a new frame the guy handed me the paperwork and said "you probably won't need this now that you have a new frame but I would keep it anyway".

I brought it home and stuck it in my toolbox. Last night I went right to it. I have all the paperwork I need and now I need another frame. That kinda sucks! At least I have my Specialized to ride.

Sunday that's what I did. I went down to Ann Springs Greenway in Ft. Mill SC and rode a few laps. I ended up with 20 miles in the woods. That makes for a good ride. Plus I was on the full suspension bike and that's kinda neat. I haven't ridden that bike in quite awhile. If it was a 29er it would be my go to bike. I have ridden a hardtail so long I had forgotten how smooth a rear shock makes things.

So once again I have to give thought to an upgrade. I just hate to spend the money.......

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