Friday, February 27, 2015

Am I ???????????

I think I am having some kinda mid-life crisis! Every since last October I have been on a roll, it all started with the trip to checkout Cody's school. Then it kicked in right at New Years with the trip up to take him to school.

Now I have been to PA 3 times and Kentucky once. This weekend we have our second ski trip to Boone so this weekend is done. Next weekend looks like a stay at home stop but then the following weekend it will be back to PA. That trip will be the boy and I, the wife is staying home. We are going to get one last ski weekend before the weather changes to spring.

After that we plan to take the camper down to the beach for a quick weekend. I am getting it fixed tomorrow morning so it will be ready for the summer. Point is I am enjoying all this travel! Just going and seeing things, I want to cram as much into life as I can right now! It's like I know I am getting old and I don't like it!

Until the money runs out, it's time to ride......

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