Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Momentum ,,,,,,,,,,,

Just like the Oregon Ducks, when Mariota's receiver's dropped those 2 consecutive 3rd down passes that would have resulted in 1st downs. That was the point they lost the game. The rain has stopped my riding! It's like I didn't have enough time off the bike. Mother nature wants me to sit around for more couch time.

But never fear! I have a rain coat! I got home yesterday and headed straight for the golf course. The dog and I walked till it got dark and we never got rained on. Sprinkled on yes, but not rain. I was ready with my hoodie but we didn't need it. If it lightens up and Kelly gets the clearance from his doctor we will ride tomorrow night.

Of course it will be a road ride, the woods are gonna be a mess for days! I was finally getting used to my new tires. I switched to a real skinny 2/0 recently and it's taking a little while to get used to them. The trust factor, right now I am a little timid with them but every ride it gets better.

Plus I still haven't had a chance to ride them in the dry yet, sense I put them on it's been damp every time I ride. I do like them though, I have always liked the skinny tires and I can usually adjust my riding style to be more precise. When you run the big fat tires you can pretty much just roll over everything and not think much about it.

Skinny tires take a little more thought. Anyhow, now we wait for the weather to get right. On the bright side the temps are back to a tolerable level again. As I said 45 degrees is damn near hot!

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