Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Made It ,,,,,,,,,,

Last night we met at 4:30 and rode till 6:30. About a mile after I left the rain started drizzling. I woke up this morning and it is still raining! Both sides of my driveway are standing with water. It's supposed to stop shortly and then clear out. I looked at the weather briefly this morning and I think it's gonna clear for the next several days.

The woods probably won't be ready to ride till Friday but the road will still work. I even found myself thinking about a road ride last night while I was in the woods mountain biking. This time of year is about as good as it gets weather wise. I need to take advantage of that.

Last night the woods were awesome! It was slick in just a few places but overall it was perfect. Rocky River seems to be the go to trail these days, it has everything. Plenty of climbing and technical trail. Plus it's a little over 12 miles long. That makes for a good ride.

Anyhow tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are closed Friday. It's now the official start to the Holiday's. In a way I am glad and in a way I hate it. I like the ideal of Christmas and Thanksgiving but the reality is not what "ideal" is. We had originally planned to go to the beach but with Karen being sick that plan didn't workout.

                           I really hate the fact that didn't workout.

But! I still get a good meal! Enjoy your holiday and remember to play nice and smile, even if you don't mean it!

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