Monday, November 24, 2014

Here We Go Again !!!!!!!!!

I am typing this on the desk beside my desk, what does that tell you! I came in this morning and my "new" computer is completely locked up! The computer guru, our I-t guy can't get here till after lunch. What a way to start the week! At least it's a short week so it will be over soon. The guy beside me is on vacation this week so at least I have a desk to work from. No email, but at least a desk! Somebody will call shortly mad about me not returning a request but it is what it is! So I rode Saturday and walked Sunday. We got rain by the buckets yesterday and I just didn't feel like driving 50 miles to ride. Of course I got wet but what the hell. I had fun and the dog enjoyed it. Got to go computer guy is here.........

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