Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It Could Have Been Further ,,,,,,,,,,

But it wasn't! I talked it up yesterday and I had the plans but somehow lost the motivation! Kelly was gonna be a while and I didn't really want to wait or do anything to be honest. Not sure what changed my attitude but I guess it happens. I ended up going to the car wash and washing the mtn. bike.

Then I came home and got it ready to ride. After dinner I ended up turning on the lights and riding the 2 miles to the local store. That was my night! The only thing accomplished, a clean bike and the car loaded. Loaded for today! It might be a slow ride or I might try to kick it. I won't know till I get there.

Karen has been sick and I think I might have caught a touch of what she has, what ever it is I just haven't been myself!

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