Monday, September 22, 2014

Go Figure ,,,,,,,,,,

That was the exact words out of my mouth yesterday afternoon. We went down to the beach for the weekend and knew we needed to come back early Sunday. Just so we could get the kids and everything ready for the first of the week. It was a quick trip, nothing fancy.

It didn't really even go as planned. We had planned to enjoy a day on the beach Saturday and then get up and come home. We got down there Friday night at 9pm and hit the bed shortly after. Saturday morning we got up to an overcast and grey day with a lot of wind. The weather forecast called for the clouds to break so we got ready and headed for the beach.

After a nice stroll we returned to our spot in the sand and proceeded to wrap up in towels and try to stay warm! It was on the chilly side! I took a good nap and Karen read for awhile, after about an hour and a half we decided to call it a day and head to the pier. The pier has a bar/restaurant!

A few drinks and an early dinner, we called it a day. Back to the room fairly early and that was the day. We got up early yesterday and where home by noon. Funny thing is it was beautiful when we left! But it is what it is, we struck out this time. But at least I got to spend the weekend at the beach.

Since we got home so early I had time for a bike ride. The only problem was the wind was kicking! I mean it was really blowing! But I wanted to ride and I didn't feel like loading the mountain bike up and going anywhere so I decided to tough it out.

Now for the "Go Figure" part, I knew it was gonna be a slow ride and I just really wanted to put in a few miles. So I left the house planning to ride in the little front ring and just enjoy it for what it was. Of course I didn't make it a mile and the battery died on my computer. Usually that would have mad me made but I figured it didn't really matter since I wasn't planning to worry about my speed or time. I didn't even plan on a long ride just a lap around the Unionville area.

Well I did my lap and I did have the clock on the computer, it was working so I knew how long I had been gone. I got home and I had almost one hour. I checked my phone to see what my stats on Strava where and low and behold I had my usual 16.5 miles an hour! I did a 16 mile loop and averaged the same thing I seem to always average! I spun the whole time and never really even tried to work hard.

I never attacked any of the hills and didn't even try to kick it on the down hills. I even coasted on several of the down hills, and still had my usual pace. Lesson learned.......

                                                  "Go Figure"

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