Thursday, January 2, 2014

Work Sucks !!!!!!!!!!

Going back is really gonna suck!!!! Yep I have been off since the 23rd and I go back on the 6th. That's almost 2 solid weeks, Christmas came and went. New Years came and went. A bunch of days came and went.

I like to think I used every one of them to the best of my ability. I have ridden I have done stuff around the house. Generally it's been a good break! But I still have 3 more to go! Well deserved days by the way!

I rode this morning with Kelly, we did Rocky River Trail. He goes back to work tomorrow so I am on my own. Besides it's gonna be like 10 degrees for the high tomorrow. I will ride though, I want to do a road ride but I will probably be in the woods.

As Kelly said this morning, I would rather ride in the woods at 10 miles an hour for 20 miles than ride on the road at 20 miles an hour for 40 miles! Makes sense, I don't really like being frozen.

Besides I got some new Pogies for Christmas, I am ready to try them. They are these giant covers that cover your hands when you ride. So your hands stay warm. Nothing sucks worse than not being able to feel your hands!

I like my fingers! I only have 10 and plan to keep all of them. Bring on the cold!!!!!!!

So that's the plan for tomorrow, then I have Saturday and Sunday. I plan to go back on Monday worn out. No other option, you don't take time off to rest! If you do you just wasted your time...

Nuff' said................

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