Monday, September 16, 2013

Perfect Weather !!!!!!!!!!

That pretty much describes the weekend we had. If you live in my area and you didn't enjoy the last two days you missed out! I spent the better part of Saturday in the woods at my new favorite trail. Cane Creek!

I ended up riding everything twice and by the time I left I had 32 miles in! All in the woods. There aren't many places you can ride that many miles in the woods. Just another reason why I like the place.

Again I saw 8 horses and zero cyclist! Seems like 6 or 8 is the magic number for horses. Every time I go that is about what I see.

Then yesterday I hit Sherman Branch for a good ride. I knocked out a couple of laps and rode a few sections twice. For an easy ride you really can't beat Sherman. The flow is just about perfect!

Now I need to slip in a ride this week...........

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