Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big Plans ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Little motivation!

That pretty much sums up my whole 3 day weekend.

Do I have any regrets?

Nope! Not at all... I was a holiday weekend and that's what I used it as. A holiday. I did ride everyday and swam and cooked out. But no I did no hard rides. I planned to get a long one in yesterday but I just didn't feel like it.

Instead I headed down to Cheraw SC to ride one of favorite lightly used trails only to find it temporarily closed. They are logging the state forest and it might be awhile before it's open again. I did get to ride but it was more of an exploratory ride than a full on ride.

The funny thing is I usually don't see anybody down there and then yesterday when I pulled up I find 3 other people standing there wondering what to do. They must have just closed it last week. One of the guys called someone who works for the state who he said would know what's up. That person told him we could go ahead and ride or run that they weren't logging because of the holiday. If they had been we wouldn't have been able to ride or run.

He said it would probably be about 3 weeks before it was open again. It's gonna take a little work to smooth out some spots but I can't wait till it's open again. I miss it already!

I guess my weekend was mainly flying under the radar. I rode Cane Creek Sunday and Cheraw Monday. Didn't see anybody at Cane Creek and then just a few at Cheraw. I have been in this mood lately where I just want to ride and avoid the crowds.

Like being in the mountains. You just don't see as many people there. The only place around here besides my hide out like that would be Steve's trail.

On a busy day it might get 10 riders. Cane Creek on a busy day might get me and 6 horses......

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