Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Normal" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

OK, after a vacation and coming home worn out I could have taken another day to do nothing. Then caught up on my rest and started today off feeling great!

Guess what, that ain't what I did! I planned on doing that but when I looked at the coming schedule I realized that wasn't gonna work. We had the soccer game Monday night and we have a game tonight and tomorrow night. That means 3 games this week.

I make it to all the games so if I planned to ride I would have to slip out last night and then I am gonna have to do a short one tomorrow right after work and head to the game covered in dirt. We have plans for Friday night so Saturday will be my next chance.

With the week pretty much off last week I have to get back to it. On the way home from work last night it was all I could do to keep my eyes open to drive. I only have a thirty minute drive and I was still nodding off! I came home got my clothes changed and grabbed a bit to eat. Got the bike out and headed out the door.

Thirty miles later and I was home. Legs a little sore but I felt better. I made a point to stay in the big gears all evening and that made me work harder. I have or had, not sure where I stand at the moment. Plans to do the Swank 65 in November. If I do it's time to really get with some type of training program. If not I need to loose 20 pounds!

One way or another I have motivation to get off my ass and ride!!!!

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