Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going Quick !!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I was slammed here at work, I never even got around to updating this as you know. But hey, I need the job to support my play time, not to mention those kids we have sure seem to like to eat! Speaking of them, have you priced groceries lately! We spent 400 and some change on groceries the Monday night! That hurt....

I did ride Monday night, last night I mowed the yard and worked on the pool. Well I just stood at the end of the deck and turned the pump on and off while Karen did all the vacuuming. I was drinking away my sorrows!

My damn lawn mower blew up! As in there is a hole in the side of the block! Not exactly a good night. Now I need to figure out what my next move will be with that.

Yes I have started getting things ready for the weekend. Although it doesn't require much for me and the kid. I will be out the door quick Friday am. I just have to wait for Cody to get done with soccer practice. Then we are out the door!!!!

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