Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back To Normal.............

As most people, myself included. Hate change! But it's part of life. Deal with it and move on. I find that it seems to be happening a lot in my life right now. So I just do as I said and keep moving on.

With all the changes here at work the last few days have been crazy. But now 3 days in it's like normal just different. I have things figured out and am doing fine but some people are still fighting it. Why they don't except the fact that it's the new normal and move on makes me scratch my head. I would have preferred things stay the same but overall I like the new system.

So with all the things happening at work it has made me think about how things are in my normal life. With Cody growing up and kinda drifting away from the bicycles at the moment. He wants to spend more time with his friends, I am fine with that and understand.

He is growing up.

We still spend just as much time together, it's just a different kind of time. We now talk and work on things more than ride and talk. I wish it was the other way but understand. As long as we are talking that's all I am worried about! If we stop talking then we have a problem.

I have good kids and they are growing up. Weather I like it or not I can't stop it.

Change happens, you adjust and deal with it.......

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