Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday, Monday.............

Swam 1500 yards  this morning and watchin' the sun shine. Ready for the coming weekend, gonna get my run on!

Cooper River Bridge Run is this Saturday  and I will be there! Actually we will be there. The whole family is going. Karen and Paula are going to walk it and I am going to run it. The kids are going fishing with Paula's husband while we all do our thing. It's gonna be fun!

I have never ran a foot race as big as this so it's gonna be interesting. Plus it will be my first 10k. Or 6 mile run however you want to look at it. We haven't been to Charleston lately so I am looking forward to it. The kids haven't been in a long time so it will be fun. It's always nice staying at Ray and Paula's house instead of a motel. We are in a neighborhood instead of a motel.

The kids are free to come and go, and they have access to a golf cart. When you are 16 and 13 that's the bomb! What else do you want?

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