Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's Tuesday and finally raining a little . Usually this would irritate me but we need the rain really bad. I read or heard the other day we are like 7" behind in the rain category right now! So let it rain.

Besides my legs are still killing me, I can stand another day off the bike.

So as I said yesterday Cody had his birthday Saturday and his girlfriend was over early and he was out of the loop for the day. Chase had no intentions of riding with me so I met Dane at Steve's trail, it's my new secret super hangout trail.

The damn place will kick your ass, and I need a lot of hard riding for now. I would like to think when I go to Columbia on the 16th of Dec. I have something to show.

Two laps and my legs where shot! As I said Sunday I didn't even try to climb the one hill on lap 2. Just wasn't happening! Then Sunday Cody and I took all our stuff to church and headed to Back Yard Trails.

His first ride there! He liked it, and wants to go back. He thought the Marion Deihl side was a waste but so do I. It just adds miles, no tech stuff just extra trail. So after the ride we headed home and ended the day. By the time we where at the house we had been gone all day.

It was 5pm, dark by 6, day over...............

Might do a night ride tonight..........

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