Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Day..........

The day I don't pay attention to my calorie counting! As much fun as I am having learning about the food I eat. I am gonna eat like a regular fat boy tomorrow!

No excuses, pie and all!

Thanksgiving is the only day of the year when people cook excessive amounts of food and gorge till they need a nap and then do it again. What a perfect day.

Then it's back to the plan on Friday, with a lot of riding planned for the next 4 days, and yes we made it to the woods last night. Cody Charles Kelly and Scott and I made it to the woods. Steve's place was the destination and it was right. I love that place more and more every time I hit it. The climbs are the bomb!

Now back to Thanksgiving, what am I thankful for! Right now I can just about say everything is going pretty good in my life. I have great kids and everybody is healthy, including my extended family. The wife is happy and my job is doing good.

We are finally turning around in the building industry and it is starting to show on my check. That is reason enough for me to be thankful!

Bottom line is thanks for reading my stupid blog and I hope you have a good day tomorrow.....

Eat and be HAPPY.......... Diet's can wait..............

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