Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walkin' In Circles..................

So yesterday when we had the guest I had to drive my truck. Yea the truck I let the kid drive everyday. The truck I haven't even driven in about 3 or 4 months.

I let the kid drive it for 2 reasons.

One it's the biggest thing I have in the driveway and if he has a wreck I want him in the biggest vehicle. Two it only gets about 15 miles to the gallon, that way he ain't riding the roads very much!

No job means limited gas money! As long as I am giving him money I know how much riding he is doing!

OK back to the fact I haven't driven it in a long time. I get in it the other night and I only get down the road a few miles before I realize this thing needs brakes! How can I tell? From the noise the brakes are making when you hit them!

So I ask Cody about it and he says "huh", like he has no clue! Guess what, he don't, no clue what so ever!


I guess I need to start driving it once and awhile! Well I stopped at Autozone on the way home and got new brake shoes, then headed to the house. So I have to get my tools together.

I get the truck jacked up. I change one side no problem, side two.... What the hell! I have the air ratchet and remove 5 out of 6 lug nuts. Number 6 ain't budging! Well shit, now what.

Now we start "Walking In Circles", I look for the 4 way lug wrench can't find it. As I am hunting it I start thinking maybe I ought to take a picture for the blog. I haven't done that lately. So then I can't find the camera.

Now I am side tracked, I spend the next 20 minutes hunting my camera. Once I find it I discover the batteries are dead! After about 10 more minutes looking for a battery that has a charge I finally give up! I need to finish the truck. No, I still have no lug wrench! 

Although I find it pretty quick once I get back to looking for it. Alright problem solved! Nope! It takes me about 2 tries before I manage to break it! Damn it.. Yes I am starting to get mad! And kinda concerned! The damn thing is that tight how the hell am I going to get it loose?

So I go back to "Walking In Circles". Looking, thinking! Of all the tools I have what can I use to get it loose?

One thing I have going for me is the fact that my dad could do it all, and he had the tools to do it with! My brother is the computer whiz and not that mechanically inclined. I am! No, I hate the computers. When we lost dad Mike was happy with the computer items he kept and I was really happy with the tools I kept.

Heck if you ask me I got the better end of the deal! You ask him he probably thinks the other way!

Anyhow dad came through! As I am looking and thinking I spot my big box of 1in drive ratchet and sockets! It don't get any bigger than that! 5 minutes later lug nut is off and I am about done! Total time spent 5 minutes one side and an hour and a half the other.

Although all that walking I feel like I got in some exercise!!!!!!!!

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