Monday, August 6, 2012

Average Weekend.........

So no plan and a good weekend. Started out Saturday and said what the hell, I haven't been to Ann Springs in a few years so off I went! Cody and I rode there a few summers ago and I raced there before, it's just one of those trails that is just a little to far from the house.

So anyway I like that place, it has a lot more climbing than most of the trails around here and it's a little rougher than most. On the fun scale it's always cool to ride somewhere you normally don't. Plus I figured out it only takes 45-50 minutes to get there. I will remember that, I need a new place in the rotation.

I finally mowed the yard Saturday when I got home so now one more time before we head out Saturday. Sunday I hit Sherman for a lap and a half and headed back to the pool. Overall I had a good weekend. Got to ride both days and did a little yard work.

Next we have a week of riding and packing to follow. The summer is starting to wind down and school will be starting before long. It seems like time is flying by right now. We just got out of school and the summer is going fast. Fall will be here before long and the weather will be changing. I am looking forward to that.

Oh yea, Cody got home last night around 10 so it was nice to have him home. Emma is back all is well, she had a great summer and now she's back.

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