Friday, June 1, 2012

The Party Will Continue !!!!!!!

So yesterday it was official, he's 12. He got a new home computer for his room. He's happy, now tomorrow we are going to Sky High.

The trampoline place for kids (and adults...ME). I am gonna take him and his buddy Austin for a few hours in the morning. Karen and Cody are heading to Cody's girlfriends dance recital. Austin is spending the night so they will be swimming and eating pizza tonight.

Then tomorrow am we are gonna head to Sky High for a couple hours and then head home for cake, ice cream and the grandparents. They can play in the pool for a little longer and they both will need a nap by then.

If I have any energy left I will slip in a ride. We'll see though, I plan to play hard! Karen asked if I planned to jump, of course I do! Hell I am looking forward to it.......

I am only 12 too ya know.....  

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