Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That Was Fun..........

Simple things for simple minds! I promise it doesn't take much to make me happy. Last night all it took was a weed eater with rain, and a new roll of bar tape!

I mowed the yard the night before and then yesterday I used the weed eater. About halfway through, it started to rain.

Yep, I never slowed down! Why stop when your already nasty.

Then I went in, had a shower and headed back to the garage. For the last few days I have been playing with the motorcycle and haven't even mentioned the bikes. That doesn't mean I haven't ridden them I just haven't talked about them.

Well with going to Charleston for the weekend and now the rain, it makes 5 days since I have pedaled! That's a long time for me! Tonight the weather looks no better, but then we are going to get a few days.

I am ready! I might not be racing any this year but I still love to ride! 5 days is way to long! So while I wait I needed to do a little maintenance!

New bar tape! You know your riding your road bike to much when bar tape only last a few months!

I picked blue because they had blue! No other reason.

Once it was on I realized how briliant my sub conscience mind is!

Check it out! You would think I planned it, matching tape/water bottle lid/and seat pack! Oh yea, I have style without even thinking about it! Now when the weather gets right, It's On........  

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