Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here We Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could have done without this , but the time has come !

Every kid , including me gets his license sooner or later so it's gonna happen . It just seems to me like we just had him and now he is off under his own power !

Polkton Highway Patrol Station
We got to Polkton about 8:30 and we were the 3rd ones in line ! All 3 of us where parents with our kids getting there license for the first time !

I thought that was kinda funny . 

Lookout !!!!!!!
So he waited his turn to drive and 15 minutes later he had them !  

We where home at 10:30 and he was ready to head to school ! First time I think he has ever wanted to get to school .

So as you can see I took pictures of the first time he left the driveway by himself ..

you can't see it but he was smiling !!!

turning around....
and away he went..................
I think I need a beer......................

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