Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still Got the Fever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the crud! Still no sleep, chills and the sweats! IT SUCKS........

I swear I only get sick about twice a year and I have already been sick once this year. At least I thought I was sick, compared to this time I only had a small cold last time...

Of course I am spreading the wealth and coming to work everyday. You know the rule! "Never waste a sick day on being sick".

I live and die by that one.. Right now I feel like I am about to die but I know it gets better. At this point it can't get any worse!

With a combination of Tamiflu, Naproxen, Delsym and some other pill for congestion I am giving it a hell of a fight!

I hope you understand, with the current state of my head it's been hard to write this week.

Yes I had a good ride the night before but since then I haven't even touched a bike....

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