Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Post Continued....................

So yesterday after I got off work I went and hit Sherman Branch. From work I can be there and in the woods by 4:30.

In I went!

53min. later I came out! For those of you who are not familiar with the place, that is a damn good lap! No I didn't ride a second lap, not last night.

This weekend I will start doing 2 laps, right now it's hard to get 2 in by dark. They close the park at dark so they like you to be gone! When I can do 2 at that pace I will know where I am at!

Here's the deal, you know that new 29er I bought. I still hate it! I have been riding it the last 3 months and have tried to give it the nod! You know, the seal of approval!

It ain't happening! I can't ride it! I can't make it go! I am tired of trying!

I was on the 26in full squish last night and was tearing it up! I can make it go up the hills and around the turns so much better, it's like I am "on it"...

I ain't trying to take away from the bike, but for me 29er's just don't work! Don't ask me why, everybody else seems to love them!

Obviously it's me but I can't tell ya why.....Want to buy a bike.........

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