Wednesday, November 16, 2011

 Today we are going in a different direction. I didn't do any riding last night, I cleaned the wife's van for her and basically did nothing the rest of the night. I wanted to see my boys play basketball (Kentucky Wildcats) but damn the game didn't start till 9pm! I must be getting old because I knew if I started watching the game I wouldn't get to bed till midnight. They won though, beat Kansas 75-65. That makes me happy. I love college basketball, can't wait to go see them this winter in South Carolina.

Next, the kid and I got this trail cam the other week and put it down on Richardson Creek behind my mother-in-laws house. So far we have a few deer pictures and one raccoon. Nothing big yet but hope to have a good picture before long. We ain't no hunting family but what the hell I like the trail cam. It makes the kid happy!!

Next I like this picture, I stole it off a site somewhere. If I had any drive I would clean my garage up to look like this! My garage is the total opposite, a wreck. After seeing this it makes we want to at least straighten mine up! Anything would be an improvement over the current status.

Last but not least, I don't know why I like this picture but I want a classic pump! Every bike shop needs a classic pump! My garage might not be a classic bike shop in the true sense of the word "classic" but it damn sure qualifies as a mess. Why not put a classic pump on the wall. It will probably work better than a new one!!!!! Have a nice day...

i like the wooden handles

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