Monday, November 14, 2011

Uhwarrie: The Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the bomb! What a difference a little love can do! I went over Saturday to the grand opening and had a great time. I was rather impressed with the production they made out of it. They had food catered in and had a raffle of several products. I didn't win anything but it was still fun to watch the give away.

The turnout was huge! I was really surprised at how many people showed up. Uhwarrie is in a central location for a lot of folks from a lot of different directions. The word was out for sure! People came from everywhere. I have never seen that many people over there, even at a race.

Now for the trails! What a difference, they are fantastic. I was kinda skeptical of what they were gonna do, I consider Uhwarrie one of my personal favorites. But I am totally happy with the changes! I always liked the rugged untouched feel to the place. It was not very beginner friendly that's for sure. But that's what made it cool! They still have a lot of work planned for the place , but now they need more money. Time to apply for more grant money!

From what I have read and understand they plan on doing a downhill course next. They feel that would have the biggest impact as far as bringing more people to the park. Here's where I have mixed feelings about all this. If you read this blog very often you know we like to take the pop up camper over there and camp at the trail head. It has always had a remote backwoods feel to the place.

Hence the dilemma, if you build it up more people will come. Next there will be more rules and regulations, and next thing you know; my favorite backwoods camping area will be gone! I know I am probably being paranoid but-----. But they have done one hell of a good job on phase 1. If you have a chance go check it out! You will go back I promise...

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