Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Know...............

I know sometimes I get behind, I have good intentions of staying on top of this. Sometimes it just gets a little behind! Since last Thursday I haven't had a lot going on, and I haven't had my camera on me. I have to get better at that! How am I gonna relate things without pictures.

I had a plan to ride Saturday but things kinda got crossed up and I never made it. Sunday came and I went out for a few laps at Beatty, 3 to be exact. Lately there has been a discussion on the Tarheel Trail Blazers about this trail, about roots! A bunch of complaining, we ride bikes in the woods and people are gonna bitch about the trails! I think it's called mtn biking!!!

Anyhow I went to see what the fussing was about? Guess what, I rode my bike in the woods and had a great time! You know what I ran over roots too! I know that must be hard to believe that you would encounter such items on a dirt trail in the woods but it happened.

My take on all this would be the crowd here in Charlotte are a bunch of wimps!! That or they are just so bored they would rather sit at home and whine about riding than go riding!! I like rough trails and smooth ones. I call it use, the older a trail is the rougher it tends to be! If I wanted to ride a green way I would, but I don't I want to ride a bicycle in the woods on rough trails!!

One last thing! I bought a new bike !! Cannondale Flash2 29er alloy! With a Lefty front fork! We bad now! I have never ridin a 29er but that's about to change! Full report tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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