Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Feel Better.................

Yesterday would not have been a good day for a post. I started a post, it was so negative I just hit the delete button and waited till today to try again! I don't know if it was the fact we had company all weekend and I was just worn out or what but I was not in a good mood. I am finally old enough I realized the best option was to keep my mouth shut!

I am glad I did too. About half way through writing I re-read it and thought man there isn't much else I can bitch about and if I was reading this blog I would not be interested and reading it any longer. Sometimes you have bad days and sometimes you have the good days. Today is a good day!!

OK, for the weekend as I said we had company and I really enjoyed seeing our friends, there dog not so much! He was a good little dog but he got on my nerves. We have a little dog and he did not like having company! They came and went and took good care of the dog but I was glad to see him go. I will be glad to have them back but no dog!!!

So as I said last week we had the 12 hour race Saturday and Cody went with his buddy Austin and watched all day. I got up and went for a little while just to watch, kinda had a small turnout! 3 years ago Kelly John and I did this race, we finished 2nd in our group and 7th overall out of all the teams that competed. The entry fee was 40 per person. Now he has raised it to 70 a person! Wonder why he had a low turnout! If you haven't noticed we are in a recession.

Sorry about no pictures I forgot my camera this morning and didn't want to wait till tomorrow to put up a post...............Peace...............

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