Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hopefully It's Light Rain...............

Well we hit the doc's yesterday, Ortho Carolina, to see what direction we are going. Looks like the direction is the good old faithful MRI. The doc thinks he has a partial ACL tear and wants an MRI for a confirmation. No I don't have any pic's they don't like you to take pictures as they are doing an exam. You know the deal they are worried you are gonna try and sue them.

They had a bunch of cool stuff on the walls too. They treat a lot of athletes from all different sports, baseball, basketball, hockey. The whole nine yards! From the looks of it if you are famous they hit you up for something of value from your particular sport and get you to sign it. They had a little of everything signed, I recognized some of the names but all the hockey sticks, I had no ideal who those guys are.

Of course the most famous thing I saw had to be the signed Micheal Jordan NC jersey. The only thing that could have made that worth any more money would have been if he had played for Kentucky. Oh well he still had a great career. He just came from a crappy school.....LOL....I love bust in on Carolina.

Of course not to be outdone the Nascar guys donate stuff! Junk. yea, junk. Whats up with that? They make enough you think they could send you a new front clip off a car, not the one that was knocked off the front at the last race they did crappy at. I didn't see any broken hockey sticks or flat basketballs and footballs. All of them looked brand new! So what gives?????

see front end on the right???
Every item from the Nascar world looked just like the picture above. A bunch of junk from a trash bin. Oh well I guess that is what you get. They must need every dime of the 20 million a year budget to race and can't afford to give you anything worth value.

Anyway back, to my kid I will keep you updated with any new news. Hopefully he will be back up on 2 legs before to long. Right now he is strutting around on 1 leg 2 crutches. I will go ahead and answer your next question now. No I can't play with them (crutches), I tried, didn't work he is 6ft2 and I am 5ft9. They are way to tall for me to play with....Why does he have all the fun?????????

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