Monday, September 12, 2011

Gettin Around...............

That about sums up the weekend. Gettin around, ridin and playing hard. Have I made mention that the Wendy's restaurant up the street from where I work burned down last week. It was full of people and a cop rode by and saw the flames coming out of the roof and went in and got everybody out! Gives the spicy chicken a whole new meaning!!! I know that ain't very funny but at least nobody got hurt. They say it started in the vent for the grill.

hwy 51 and 74 matthews

That place has been there for as long as I have been in North Carolina. Now I have to find a new dollar menu. I know they will rebuild it just not sure when?

Saturday I had planned to take Chase to Poplar tent and ride but he didn't want to go there, said it would be to hard. He hasn't ridden a lot lately so I didn't want to push it. I want him to enjoy it, not suffer. So we went to the Sherman greenway. He did good and had fun so I would consider that a success! He has piano today so it will probably be tomorrow before I get him out and on the trail again. Poor old Cody had the longest weekend of his life, he can't ride run anything.

parking lot getting ready

me in the woods in front of old barn

Chase gettin busy!!!

success he was tired, nap time.....
Sunday I hit the road and arrived at Poplar for a ride by myself. I am gonna miss that place, When you ride there you are riding a real mtn bike trail. Not a greenway!!!! report tomorrow......

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