Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To The Grind...........

Honestly, I don't really remember if I mentioned I have been having back issues or not. Well I went to the doctor Friday and got the hook-up, what a difference it made. They gave me a shot of steroids and put me on predisone, I swear I could feel a difference Friday night, although my shoulder was killing me from the shot. But with a long weekend in front of me I had to do something. Glad I did.

Well with my back still kinda touchy I did the mtn bike road thing all weekend. To be honest with you I could get used to doing it this way. I put my old trusty Brooks Saddle on and hit the road again. Saturday I put in 65 miles, the speeds are definitely slower, I was on the bike for 4 hours. That's a lot longer than riding the road bike but if I had ridden it I wouldn't have made it that far. I parked in Pageland and went down to Mcbee and back.

nice truck, I pulled a hopper bottom like this

dirt roads call my name

sign says the cemetery dated back to 1840

closed up golf course used to be a fairway

hole 18 Bermuda Run......
Here are a few shots I took on the route today. Don't ask why but I like taking pictures out in the middle of nowhere. I even went by a golf course I used to play a lot and it's now closed. For old times sake I took a lap around the cart path and man has mother nature taken over. It closed 4 months ago and it looks like it has been closed for 2 years.

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