Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a 3 day weekend every weekend! Why we Americans think we should work our selves from sun up to sun down is just beyond me. I even work with a guy who thinks he is impressing you when he tells you "he never uses all of his vacation days". I look at him like he's an idiot!

So as I have said, it is Wednesday. I had a great weekend, we had family over all day Sunday and Saturday was spent getting ready and riding. I went Saturday am for a nice slow ride and enjoyed taking my time around the loop. Came home and did the weed eating while Karen cleaned the deck area around the pool.

The highlight of the day was taking Chase to SC for the fireworks. Here in NC the state government seems to think we can't handle fireworks. Thank goodness we live so close to SC, an hour drive and we had the good stuff! Bottle rockets mortars and firecrackers! Saturday alone we went thru 5000 firecrackers! The kid had a blast! Because he had fun I had fun.....

I wish I could tell ya our fireworks show was as sophisticated as this picture but it wasn't. Doing our show, we light and run one at a time. I like having all ten of my fingers and I plan on keeping them! Chase seems to agree. Cody went to the lake with Austin and they did fireworks up there. We missed him but it was kinda fun to spend the time with Chase. I have good kids and enjoy my time with both of them.

Monday my AC decided it was tired from all the work on Sunday and knocked off. So we spent the day in the pool for relief. My AC guy came by yesterday and got me going again, that made it nice to come home from work!

So to wrap this up, last night I met Kelly and Brian over at Sherman Branch mountain bike park and suffered for an hour solid. I am not sure if it was the long weekend or the heat but that was a hard lap. Nobody even mentioned riding a second lap when we came out of the woods.........

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