Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Blast-off..Bike Rebuild....

Friday, the end of the week! My favorite day, especially when we have a 3 day weekend. We have everything packed and ready to go. The beach is the destination, first camper trip with the new camper. I should have plenty to talk about Tuesday with some pictures. We got all the beds made and everything ready, it should be nice. The first trip sucks, it takes a lot of work to get ready. The next trip should be easier since we are leaving all the stuff in the camper.

Next we have a bike rebuild, Cody and I have been working on this for a while. He finally finished it off last night and was riding it around the yard.

Turned out pretty nice for our first attempt at rebuilding a bicycle. I am kinda proud of him, he took his own sweet time but at least it is finished. We had the bike given to us so all we have is time invested in this one. Maybe one day we can make money doing this, but right now we are learning what we are doing. This one basically was taken apart from top to bottom and just really cleaned up, new grease and put back together. The next one has some rust so it will need a new paint job with new stickers. Should be interesting, we have no clue on where to get new stickers made, so stay tuned.....

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