Friday, April 15, 2011

Yesterday & Friday................

I went riding last night too. Yesterday I was talking about my little truck again. I like that truck by the way. But anyhow this morning, on the way to take Chase to school this car went flying by!!

I got to have me one of these! Think back a few years and you remember the Honda CRX ? Well it's back, we went from CRX to CRZ, it's zzzzzz time for me to get one. I love little cars, easy to park and get around. They are just cool, and the gas mileage. The only draw back is the 2 seats.

Of course mine will be red. My favorite color on a vehicle period. You got to admit that is a cool car. I could drive it on a full tank of gas for like a month.

You remember the insight, I don't think they really ever sold a lot of these. The timing was wrong, Now gas is damn near 4 dollars a gallon and it ain't coming back down. This time I bet they will sell a bunch of the CRZ's.

Now let's get to the fact it's Friday. The best day of the week, when I get outta here I get to go to a wedding tonight. Yippee!!!!!!!!!...You do believe that right?...LOL.. That's about all I have to say about Friday, it's here and I have a wedding to suffer through. At least it's not on Saturday. That would ruin a whole day.

Now to the ride! That was the highlight of yesterday. Got home and got ready was about to hit the door for a well deserved road ride by myself. By myself because I wanted to be lazy and just pedal. Then Sonny called, and I answered. I figured if it was just him I could whine enough he would ride at my pace.

But no, we always leave at the same time and meet halfway between his house and my house. As I was coming over the hill I see 2 riders coming. Yep, he brought Austin with him. I like Austin, he's a good kid. But he can kick my ass on a bike. So can my kid, Tuesday night he was kicking my ass.

Right then I started cussing , I knew my nice easy ride had vanished. Sure enough we hauled ass, pushed it up every hill and they basically tried to kill me. Damn that was a good ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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