Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chase's 11th Birthday...........

Yesterday I said I would continue with my post about the beach, change of plans. We will get to that tomorrow. We have more important things to talk about! My kid comes first! We had a birthday last night and it's time to share.

Chase is now 11 years old!!!!! We had cake and ice cream and he opened his gifts. He was a happy kid, he has been wanting a BMX bike like his big brother and he got it. Made him smile from ear to ear. Which makes me smile from ear to ear.

i love his shirt

new GT Performer BMX bike
He played on it for awhile and his sunburned brother came out to check it out. It was extremely hot here yesterday so he opted to head back in the house to open this rest of his gifts. I am willing to bet it will see some heavy use in the next few years. Cody is just glad he will stay off his bike now!

you build it kit

man of the hour
Both grandma's came thru for him (they always do) he cleaned up, I see a trip to Game Stop in the next few days. That is the new latest and greatest store for 11 year olds! So that was our night Chase was the star and he had a good time. We got to see his cousins and grandma's and had some cake and ice cream, overall I would say that is a good night!

As I mentioned above (his sunburned brother) Cody said he didn't need sunblock while we were at the beach. Guess what, dad knows best! He had to take a day out of school yesterday because he is so sunburned. He can't even put a shirt on at the moment, he had to suck it up and go to school today. he took a vinegar bath last night and said he felt a lot better .....................  

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